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  • Friendly Ghosts: Re-Membering Conversations with Children

    This chapter illustrates the application of the narrative therapy practice of re-membering conversations with a young girl and her mother after the death of a grandparent.

  • Homonormativity & Queer Youth Resistance

    This chapter explores how the institutionalization of a gay identity reproduces some of the same oppressive and limiting specifications from which the gay liberation movement has sought freedom.

  • Re-Methodologizing Research: Queer Considerations for Just Inquiry

    In this chapter, I describe a queer theory–informed,1 constructionist research project that I facilitated with a group of queer youths. In Part 1, I discuss the philosophy, principles, and practices that guided this research and that inform a queer analysis of power. In Part 2, I tell the story of this research as an endeavor that brought to life the “doing” of power as a discursive achievement—that is, an exercise of power—I shared with the youths.