Message about therapy during COVID19

Currently, I’m doing all sessions on a HIPPA-compliant tele-health platform. While nothing can replace the feeling of connection that’s made possible by sharing space together, there is no way for me to guarantee anyone’s safety in my cozy office, in a building shared by several others. I’d rather meet with you mask-less over a screen where we all can be safe. One benefit of this is that you will have access to my co-therapist Presto.

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Julie’s most recent book, Queering Your Therapy Practice: Queer Theory, Narrative Therapy, and Imagining New Identities is the winner of the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) 2022 Book Award.

Therapy that focuses on what matters to you.
Therapy that makes changes that matter to you.

Perhaps you’re here because you feel stuck or uninspired in your life. Maybe your relationship is struggling. You might be a parent who is concerned about their kid.  Or maybe you’re feeling the effects of our infuriatingly unjust world, one which doesn’t see you *as you* and one in which you may be literally at risk for your life as a queer or trans person and/or person of color.

I see you.  I know you’ve probably tried many things, likely talked to several people, and nothing sticks.  You want a therapist who can help you now.  You want someone whose first imperative is to understand you, someone who’s committed to working alongside you as you reclaim your life from the problems that are causing trouble for you.

Therapy doesn’t have to be complicated or mysterious.

I don’t have a lengthy and intrusive intake process with a bunch of paperwork, and I’m the only person you have to deal with—there’s no front desk gatekeeper, no intake person, no one else who does my schedule. Just me.

If you don’t understand your therapist, they’re not talking your language.

And they should.

What people tell me matters to them about a therapist:

I’ve found that when folks are looking for a therapist, they don’t care so much that I have a PhD, that I publish papers & write books, that I teach at the University of Minnesota and train professionals around the world, that I can quote Foucault (who the hell is that, you ask?) and that I read bell hooks.  Most folks don’t care that I can deconstruct texts and apply a post-structural analysis of power operations, or that I do other stuff that therapists like to puff our chests out about.

Nope. Most people tell me that they care that I care. That I *get* them.  It matters to people that I don’t doubt their experiences of despair, rage, confusion, pain, hopelessness, uncertainty and injustice.

I know what matters to people when they’re looking for a therapist, is that they matter to me.  It also matters that I can help them make a difference that makes a difference.

Let's Start a Conversation


Believe me—I can talk a lot of dense theory and carry on about a lot of big effing ideas— but that’s not what you’re here for, and this isn’t about me, it’s about you and your life. It’s my job to *get* you and respond to you on your terms, in your terms.

I begin every relationship with potential clients with a brief phone call (there’s no fee or obligation).