“Julie is a socially conscious and creative trainer/therapist who easily integrates theory and practice. Her cutting-edge research on queer youth serves as a model for organizations that are seriously committed to youth participation in program development. I am delighted that Julie contributed a chapter for my book, Understanding Power: An Imperative for Human Services (co-edited with Elaine Pinderhughes, NASW Press, 2017). Julie has an engaging personality and keen insight into organizational issues. She is committed to bringing forward positive solutions to personal and organizational challenges.”

Vanessa Jackson, LCSW

Healing Circles, Inc. Atlanta, Co-Editor, “Understanding Power: An Imperative for Human Services”

“Dynamic, engaging, relevant, and cutting-edge.  Hard to find all these qualities in one package.  As a clinician, supervisor, and trainer, Julie Tilsen is all that–and more.”

Scott D. Miller, PhD

Co-founder, International Center for Clinical Excellence, co-author of “Escape from Babel, ” “The Heart & Soul of Change”, The Heroic Client,” and the forthcoming “Achieving Clinical Excellence in Behavioral Health: Empirical Lessons from the Field’s Most Effective Practitioners.”

“Julie’s commitment to her work is impressive and inspiring– my work has been profoundly changed by her influence. Julie has the power of moving other therapists and teachers as much as she allows herself to be moved by the stories of her clients. Her book has been a significant source of inspiration for my work in classrooms and workshops. It is a brilliant illustration of how clinical practice can be renewed to transcend the unfortunate legacy of its tradition of individualism, pathologizing and political alienation.”

Murilo Moscheta, PhD

Professor of Psychology, Universidade Estadual de Maringá; Author of "Construcionismo Social: Discurso, Praticas e Produção do Conhecimento (Social Constructionism: Discourse, Practice and Knowledge Production)

“Julie is one of the most impressive scholar/practitioners with whom I’ve had the pleasure to work.  Her ability to put theory to practice is nothing short of outstanding.  She is creative, enlivening, and deeply committed not only to youth and families, but also to working toward creating more socially just communities.  I have learned a lot from Julie; she is an extraordinary clinician, educator, community change agent, and scholar.”

Sheila McNamee, Ph.D.

Professor of Communication, University of New Hampshire, co-author “Relational Responsibility: Resources for Sustainable Dialogue,” “Therapy as Social Construction” and “Philosophy in Therapy: The Social Poetics of Therapeutic Conversation”

“Julie has mad skills. She is a true triple crown threat: gifted at teaching, training, and therapy. Minneapolis should be delighted she has returned. If you want somebody with zeal, intellectual agility, playfulness, and compassion, seek her out; you won’t be dissatisfied. “

David Nylund, PhD

Professor of Social Work, California State University, Sacramento, author “Treating Huckleberry Finn: A New Narrative Approach to Working With Kids Diagnosed ADD/ADHD” and “Beer, Babes, & Balls: Masculinity and Sports Talk Radio”

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