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  • Fri

    Therapeutic Conversations with Young People

    Uniting Communities, 10 Pitt Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000 Australia


    Queer young people often face unique relational and social challenges, with traditional understandings of gender, sexuality and identity often having marginalising effects on their lives and relationships. This workshop will examine professional and cultural discourses that influence our ideas about gender, sexuality and identity, and by linking conceptual resources with dialogical practice, Julie will help you put queer theory into therapeutic action. Narrative therapy and queer theory will be featured as praxis allies that invite you and your clients into a reflexive and generative relationship that instigates hope-full resistance to prevailing cultural discourses.

    Julie Tilsen, PhD, is a therapist and consultant in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is the author of Therapeutic Conversations with Queer Youth: Transcending Homonormativity & Constructing Preferred Identities. Julie is the Director of Ethics and Practice for the International Center for Clinical Excellence, an Associate of the Taos Institute and a recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from the Minnesota Association of Marriage & Family Therapy. Her work is featured in several counsellor training videos including: Queer Theory in Action: Theoretical Resources for Therapeutic Conversations; Feedback Informed Treatment; Therapy as Social Construction; and iYouth: Kids, Counselling, and Pop Culture (produced by Alexander Street Press); and: Therapeutic Conversations Beyond the Binary: Constructing Identities with Transgender Youth; and Beyond the Binary: Therapeutic Conversations with Queer Youth (produced by UPG Media for SAGE) .

    Enquiries to Winny on (08) 8202 5272, or email:
    This workshop is being held and co-hosted by Uniting Communities
    10 Pitt Street, Adelaide SA 5000

    Julie Tilsen is also offering workshops in Brisbane and Sydney on this same trip.

    Download the flyer: Queer Young People WShop Flyer

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