Workshop & Presentation Schedule

Event Information:

  • Thu

    TC11 Conference Workshop - Narrative Therapy with Queer Youth: Transcending Homonormativity & Constructing Preferred Identities

    Vancouver, BC

    Workshop Description:   This experiential workshop focuses on cultivating relationally and culturally responsive practices that bring forward and honor queer youth’s preferred identities. Linking conceptual resources with the craft of question-asking, Julie will help you put queer theory into therapeutic action.  Narrative therapy and queer theory will be featured as praxis allies that invite you and your clients into a reflexive and generative relationship with ideas that instigate hopeful resistance to prevailing cultural discourses. SEE LINK BELOW FOR CONFERENCE INFO & REGISTRATION!

Let’s Start a Conversation

Believe me—I can talk a lot of dense theory and carry on about a lot of big effing ideas— but that’s not what you’re here for, and this isn’t about me, it’s about you and your life. It’s my job to *get* you and respond to you on your terms, in your terms.

Check out the information on my website and give me a call for a free 15-minute phone consultation or to schedule if it feels like a good fit.