Workshop Description:  Queer youth and their families often face unique relational and social challenges.  Conventional understandings of identity and family, as well as traditional clinical approaches, can perpetuate challenges and lead to hope-less, dead-end conversations that fail to bring forward and leverage the courageous acts of resistance to oppressive conditions that often surround these youth and families.

This experiential workshop will offer participants an opportunity to learn more about the needs and concerns of queer youth and their families.  Professional and cultural discourses that influence our ideas about gender and sexuality will be discussed, and the intersection of class, race, and ethnicity with gender and sexuality will also be considered

We will examine queer issues through the use of experiential activities, critical readings of pop culture representations of queer youth and their families, and an examination of therapy transcripts.  Resources for a socially just practice with queer youth and their families will be introduced.