Sheila and Julie will present ideas and practices that facilitate fluid, flexible, and responsive relational engagement within the therapeutic relationship.  They will explore a variety of ways that therapists & clients, supervisors & therapists can engage in generative conversations that construct new and hopeful stories within which to live. Practices that generate multiple perspectives and promote relational connection will be highlighted. They will also discuss how responding to client preferences and the therapeutic relationship meets the growing mandate for “evidence-based practice.”

This is a two-day workshop. Day one is a full day and will feature integration of theory and practice, reflexive activities focused on relational and ethical considerations, and practice-based activities. Day two is a half-day and will include a live consultation with a clinical supervisor and their supervisee. You must attend Friday in order to attend Saturday. You may attend Friday without attending Saturday.

Employing the story metaphor as a means to understand peoples’ lives and our relationships with them, Sheila and Julie will explore the following questions:

  • Who do I need to be for this client/supervisee?
  • Who does the problem/this story require the client/supervisee to be?
  • What are the cultural narratives that influence the current version of the story?
  • What are the implications of this or other stories on the lives of those involved?
  • When did/could things develop one way or another?
  • When could I be inquiring about (past/present/future)?
  • Where are these understandings of the story located?
  • Where might different understandings be located?
  • Why is this important, meaningful, significant?
  • How can we keep the conversation going and generating new and meaningful stories?

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